Wednesday, 20 October 2010

At the IR11

I'm at the Association of Internet Researchers annual conference in Gothenburg. I am really excited, especially for getting the opportunity to meet so many of my old OIISDP 2009 co-conspirers. We will hold a roundtable session to promote (there, I said it!) our coming book this Saturday at 9 am.

Yana Breindl and I will also present our co-written chapter "Leetocracy. Networked Political Activism and the Continuation of Elitism in Competitive Democracy." Friday 2.40 pm.

Also to look forward to: hundreds of brilliant scholars doing amazing stuff. I hope to blog some of it.

Oh btw don't forget to pre-order your

Araya, D., Breindl, Y., Houghton, T. J. (eds.). Nexus: New Intersections in Internet Research, New York: Peter Lang.

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