Thursday, 27 April 2017

On online hate speech in India and Sweden

This week is the "Digital Society Science Week" at Lund University. It's a part of the 350 year jubilee and presents a plethora of great research and other stuff.

During the two-day Digital Society Symposium that kicked off the week, with keynote speakers such as Lawrence Lessig and José van Dijck, I had the pleasure to introduce an ongoing project to compare online hate speech in India and Sweden together with fellow Lundians Maria Tonini (SASNET/Department of Gender studies) and Andreas Mattsson (Department of Communication and Media), as well as a number of Indian and international scholars. The talk and the ensuing panel discussion was recorded and live streamed and is also available below (my talk is at approx. 2 hrs 15 minutes in the clip if the direct link does not work) (and no, I am not a "docent" yet; don't know where that came from):

Lund University also produced a short clip with me listing three things we can do to promote respectful conversations online:

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